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    Pro1000CT Desktop Adapter problem


      I recently installed a Pro1000CT Desktop Adapter into a Win7 machine and have run into a problem. It won't connect at 1Gbps.

      I have 3 NIC's in the one machine (Onboard, PCI-E Intel, and PCI Realtek). I have a 2nd computer with an nVidia 10/100/1000 onboard connection.

      When I connect the Realtek to the nVidia NIC, it detects and connects at 1Gbps just fine (Proof that the nVidia NIC and cable work fine).

      However, when I connect the nVidia to the Intel adapter, it only works if I force 100Mb or less. I can keep the nVidia set at auto-negotiate, but if I do the same for the Intel (Or even force it to 1Gbps) then it doesn't even link up.


      I've installed the drivers located here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18718&ProdId=3025&lang=eng but nothing has changed.

      So what could be wrong here? Why won't it work at 1Gbps?

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          I do not know why you are not connecting at 1Gbps. As you probably expected, this should just work. You already have the latest driver for the Intel(R) Ethernet adapter, so you might want to take a look at the nVidia end to make sure everything is up to date.


          Is the system with the nVidia connection running the latest BIOS and does the nVidia network connection have the latest drivers? If not, you might try updating the files on the nVidia end to see if that fixes the connection.

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            Right now I'm connected at 1Gbps (Nvidia NIC to GB Switch to Realtek NIC), so all the equipment aside from the intel NIC works.

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              I agree with you that the nVidia connection is working with the Realtek NIC. The connection problem you describe might be some compatibility issue between the 2 link partners. Therefore, making sure everything is updated on the link partner opposite the Intel adapter might make a difference.

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                The original problem came to my attention when a third computer was connected to the Intel NIC, so I don't think the chances of two different NICs on two different computers both have the same issue that is not caused by the Intel NIC..

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                  I do not know of any driver or hardware problem with the Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter. I tried hooking one up back to back with another machine, and I get a 1Gbps connection with the default auto negotiation settings. Unfortunately, I do not have a system with an nVidia NIC that I can try as a link partner.


                  Would you mind providing more details? I want to make sure I am researching the right adapter. What does Windows Device Manager call your adapter, Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter or Intel® PRO/1000 CT Network Connection?

                  What are the driver provider, date, and version on the driver tab? What is the name of driver (the ".sys") file? The details button on the driver tab will show the name of the driver file.

                  On the device manager details tab, what are the hardware ids?


                  What motherboard and which slot do you have the adapter plugged into? (Computer system make & model might give me motherboard information if you do not have it.)


                  Similar details about the system with the nVidia NIC would be helpful. If I can find something similar as a link partner, maybe I can see the same connection speed issue you are seeing.

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                    I did find a Server with a built in NVIDIA nFORCE Networking Controller. Making a back-to-back 1Gbps connection was no problem using the default "auto negotiation" setting.


                    You might try running the diagnostic tests on your adapter and a different Ethernet cable. Yes, I know the cable worked with the other 2 connections, but I do not see an obvious answer to your problem.

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                      It shows up as "Intel(R) Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter" (even in the device manager), but the adapter says intel pro1000ct desktop adapter. This is why I thought maybe it was a driver issue but I can't find any drivers for the pro1000ct. The default win7 driver was "Gigabit CT" and even when I updated the driver with the one I posted earlier in the thread, it still comes up as the same thing.


                      Driver provider Intel

                      Driver date 12/4/2009

                      Driver version



                      Motherboard is Intel dg43nb, it's got 2 PCI-E slots and I've tried both (Maybe there's a setting in the BIOS that needs to be changed? I just thought of that but not sure where to begin looking)


                      2nd PC is:

                      NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller (onboard, can't remember what motherboard, don't think I have any boxes left and I don't want to take it apart to find out)

                      Provider Microsoft

                      Date 10/17/2008




                      and just for the hell of it, the third computer with a separate ethernet cord is:

                      Intel 82567v-2 gigabit network connection

                      Provider microsoft

                      date 18/08/2008




                      I ran the diagnostics last night, everything passed except the connection test because I had to force 100Mb:

                      Cannot run the connection test.
                      Test details
                      TCP/IP protocol not configured.
                      To run this test, this connection must
                      be configured to use the TCP/IP protocol.
                      This adapter is configured to force the
                      speed to a low speed.

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                        Are you saying the label on the adapter includes "pro1000" as part of the name? That name was only used on previous generations of adapters like the Intel(R) PRO/1000 PT Desktop Adapter. The Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter is a newer generation adapter.

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                          Yeah that's what it says on the label, it's why it was so confusing.

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                            So, no idea what's wrong with it or how to fix it?

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                              Considering the labeling is wrong, I suspect you have a counterfeit adapter. If that is the case, you probably cannot fix the problem with updated drivers or configuration changes. Replacing the adapter is probably the only way to fix it.

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                                Unfortunately, there is no utility to run on that adapter that will do verification. Having the wrong label is enough to convince me that this is a counterfeit. Our factory would not have put on a label like yours.Your best protection is to buy from a well known retailer that you trust.

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                                  What about with like a serial number or something?

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