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    Problems with DH55TC


      I've been pulling my hair out with this one for about a week now, so any help to point me in the right direction would be phenomenal.


      Board: DH55TC

      CPU: Core i5-750

      RAM:  G.Skill 4GB Dual Channel Memory (F3-10600CL8D-4GBHK)

      GPU: XFX GeForce 9500GT

      HD: Western Digital Black 500GB

      Power: Corsair 400W


      First problem, intermittently, the Intel Logo for the Post Screen will hang for several minutes before giving the boot options.  When it does clear, I can boot from my Windows 7 Professional x64 disc.  At random points of the install, the screen will completely lock up and not allow me to exit without powering down, causing the OS install to fail.


      There was one time where I got all the way through setup, and after the first boot -- it hung shortly after loading the desktop background.


      The only variation that I notice in the BIOS is that it has my RAM automatically timed for 10-10-10-25 when it should be 8-8-8-21, and I do not see an option to change this.


      Anyone seeing the same problems or have any suggestions?  I'll take anything.

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          First I suggest you update to BIOS version 35: it is the latest and has been around for a while, about a month, which means it should be quite stable.

          This version adds the option to override the memory timings, and fixes some bugs so it might also fix your hang problems.

          If it does not, check the following:

          1. disable all bios settings you don't need, especially the one related to boot, like "boot off the network"
          2. often boot hangs are caused by the system trying to boot off external devices: disconnect all usb flash or disk drives, esata devices,  card readers, even some USB 3G modem act as storage devices
          3. check your system is properly cooled, especially the cpu cooler
          4. stress the system to pin down what the problem might be: memtest86 to test ram, prime95 to test the cpu
          5. needless to say, disable all overclocking and set the memory to its default timings, also make sure your RAM model is designed for 1.5v and not 1.65v or other, this caused me major headaches...
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            Thanks for the suggestions.  I was able to update the BIOS to v35 and that resolved the boot-hang issue.  I also disabled the boot from LAN as indicated and loaded "optimal" settings.


            The only devices I have plugged in at this time are the hard drive, sata dvd drive and of course my keyboard/mouse.  The computer now boots fine through BIOS, loads the Windows 7 Professional x64 disc and at the first prompt (language screen) as soon as I move the mouse or tab with the keyboard, the computer reboots.


            I ran Memtest before I loaded the new BIOS and it was fine.  I have not had a chance to run Prime95 because I thought that was a Windows program and I can not get Windows to load.  I bench-tested the DVD drive and Hard Drive on another tower and both operated fine.


            The RAM I have is 8-8-8-21 1.5V.  I have a massive Thermaltake CPU cooler on the Core i5 and the Hardware Monitor shows it running at 45 degrees C (idle).


            Does everything there look acceptable?  What did I miss?