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    New PC with Intel DH55TC unstable


      I recently build a new PC with all new components. The machine is running pretty unstable -- during "normal use" it crashes about once every hour with no real pattern to is. It just suddenly reboots. There is no bluescreen from Windows (running 7 64-bit), and the Event Log contains nothing but Critical events from Kernel-Power stating that the system was rebootet without shutting down first.


      The odd thing is that I have run several hours of memory testing (using Memtest86+ V4.10), and several passes with PassMark BurnInTest Std without having any problems!


      I have tried to upgrade the bios to the most recent version (0035), and I have tried disabling SpeedStep and CPU C state in the BIOS per other threads here in the forum reporting instabily, but this has made no real difference.


      Here is the hardware config:
      1. Intel BOXDH55TC S-1156
      2. Intel Core i5-661 3.33GHz 4MB S-1156
      3. NEXUS NX-5000 R3 530W PSU
      4. No graphics card
      5. OCZ 6GB kit, 3x2GB DDR3 PC2-10666 1333MHz CL7
      6. Intel 160GB SATA SSD


      I have attached a readout from CPUID.


      Any tips on how to debug this issue?


      Thanks, Michael


      CPUID hardware monitoring data.PNG