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    [SOLVED] DG33FB, Windows 7 and BIOS update problem


      I don't seem to be able to update my bios for the DG33FB mobo.

      Current BIOS version is 0293 and i am trying to update it to 0572 to possible fix my problems.


      Express BIOS updates reboots machine, i get black picture for 20 secs and then it reboots and tells that:

      "This firmware has detected that CMOS Checksum error occurred" and press enter to continue...

      Then it goes back to win7 and like nothing happened and Express says that bios update was succesful, which it wasnt. I still have 0293.


      Then i tried to make a win7 boot disk and thru Repair --> Command Prompt to run iFLash. Cant be done.


      Then i made a win98boot disk and booted with that. Tried running:

      iflash2 /pf DP0572.BIO


      It read that iflash2 version something something for 20 secs in the screen and then the pc reboots and i once again get the same checksum error.


      What i am supposed to do now?


      Do i have to put the BIOS Configuration Jumper to the Configure mode before running BIOS update? There were no mention of this in the mobo manual.


      I am just about to throw this pc of my window cos i spent over 6h trying to update BIOS without luck.

      HELP ME! Why wont it update it? Google was no help on this matter. So this community is my last resort.