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    Processor compatibility D945Psn

      The compatible processor lists for D945GCNL and the D945Psn are listed as compatible with FSB800 processors. These motherboards have almost identical specifications and I have a D945Psn which I want to use with ViiV tecnology. Both motherbords have FSB1066 and the compatible processor lists list only FSB800 processors.
      Hope my wirting is understandable.
      Referring to the post below and other posts show people are using Dual Core and E4700 processors with these boards.
      These Dual Core or are they Core Duo processors are cheaper than the big Intel 960 ViiV compatible processors so I am very interested to find out more about the newer processors compatibilty with the D945Psn motherboard.
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      Re: D945 GCNL motheboard compatable to Intel Dual core 2.6.


      I just upgraded my processor on this mottherboard. Now I got an E4700(2,6Ghz) processer and it runs great. Normal use runs smooth and my gaming performans have increased dramatically.

      Best regard Peter