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    Slow RAID 1 on ICH10


      I recently built a system on an Asus P6X58D motherboard with the Intel ICH10 RAID controller. I've set up a RAID 1 array with two Seagate ST3320620AS 320GB drives, and I find it is atrociously slow: copying the contents of a DVD into a directory on the RAID takes almost three hours. Copying the same data onto a non-RAID drive on the same system takes 15 minutes. Principal questions:


      1. The drives are identical except that one has the 3.AAJ firmware and one has 3.AAK. Can this be the cause of the problem?


      2. Is it possible to use a disk cloning utility (like Seagate Disk Wizard) to clone the RAID array onto a non-RAID disk to serve as a bootable system backup in case troubleshooting of the array ends in disaster?


      3. Other suggestions? Thanks...