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    Help needed: an internal database error occurred when updating/saving this profile


      We're dealing with a Problem using Intel PROSet/Wireless Utility to connect to our comany WLAN and need help:


      Users with no administrative rights (like standard or power users) can not create or import personal WLAN Profiles:

      1. Creating a new profile results in: "an internal database error occurred when updating/saving this profile."

      2. Importing profile settings from file causes no error message but just does not work.


      Reason for this problem is that the driver is trying to store some data files within C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intel\Wireless\Settings - this folder usually has read only security settings for non administrative users (as it should be) so writing there will of course fail !!!

      If in contrast standard users are granted writing/change rights for this folder everything works fine - but this cannot be the intended solution.


      How are we supposed to deal with this ?

      Is it possible to change the saving location of the setting files to a alternative writeable folder ?