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    Which current graphics adapters are compatible with the Lenovo ThinkCentre A55 (type 9265) with Intel 946GZ chipset?


      Hello Community,


      I work for an IT-service provider in Germany and we are currently facing the following problem:


      A customer has about twenty Lenovo ThinkCentres that, currently running on-board graphics, are to be upgraded with a PCI-Express graphics adapter.




      The otherwise wonderful Lenovo website has a listing of only a few supported graphics adapters that are all out of date and neither available in numbers nor powerful enough:




      When I called Lenovo today, I was quite amazed to hear that the "replacement" cards for the out-of-date ones mentioned above are listed on the site "for marketing purposes only and not actually supported by the tech department". We have already ordered a batch of cards that should have worked with the system, but did not; for a reason Lenovo was not able to explain.


      The chipset used on the mainboard is the Intel 946GZ and so I turn to you for help. Which graphics adapters (PCIe, 16x) will work with that chipset? I have not been able to find a listing so far. I am looking for mid-range cards, 512MB, that are to be used for graphics design and video editing in the educational sector.