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    DX58SO boot problems


      To whom it may concern,


      I m having the following message during a cold boot (after 5 hours of shut down):

      the system bios had detected unsuccessful post attempt (s), possible causes include recent changes to bios performance options or hardware changes. Press Y to enter BIOS or N to cancel and load attempt to boot with previous settings."


      My system is: DX58SO, I7-930 @2.80ghz, 6gb G-Skill 12800 cl9, In win 750 watt power supply, 2x 260/192gtx sli, 2x 320gb seagate raid0, 1tb seagate and windows 7 X64 ultimate.


      After pressing "N" the system restarts normally.

      i have tried all bios versions (4405, 4598, 5112, 5020, 5314 recently) and upated from windows and from usb and the results are the same.


      If anyone has a solution, please e-mail me: charbelfox79@hotmail.com.


      Best regards,