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    Software Installation Errors


      Yesterday I received my X25-M 80G drive, installed it and  Windows XP.  Then, as I was installing the video driver (ATI), it was  met with a failure.  After rebooting as it requested shortly thereafter,  I found that the driver was installed and functional.  Fast forward an  hour or so later, and the same thing happened while installing WoW.   This time, the error displayed was from the OS, asking if I would like  to send an error report to Microsoft.  I noticed that while this was on  the screen, the installer was continuing forward.  So, I waited.   Several hours later it finished and appears to be working without  issue.  Same thing with the installation of Starcraft 2.  I have not  attempted to install any other software.  The only things that installed  without an issue were the OS, a couple drivers, and Windows Update.


      So,  I'm curious if I'm looking at a bad drive.  I haven't had any of these  issues with my previous drive.


      I've looked around a  bit, and may have overlooked it right in front of me, but is there a  tool available that will analyze the drive?


      Also, I did  not install any TRIM software.  Based on what I read, I don't know that  it would help with this, but perhaps!?


      What are your  thoughts on my situation?  If you were in my shoes, what would you  recommend doing next?