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    Problem with itunes syncing.


      I have a Gateway NV79 Series and I'm having a Problem with it syncing my Iphone too Itunes. I know it's not the phone since I had a Vista Laptop running 32-Bit Version of Vista Home n Had NO prblems syncing Itunes with my Iphone. But NOW..I get this Gateway n I can't do crap. I have the I-330 with a 5series/3400 Chipset and HM55 Express Chipset. Apple said there might be n Update for these..BUT..I can't find. is Anyone else having this Problem?  And if so How did you Fix it?

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          Here’s the problem: the iPhone 3gs will not sync with the power management enabled for the USB ports on the Gateway NV79.


          Fix (so far) works for Windows 7 64-bit, iPhone 3gs w/ OS 4.02, iTunes 10


          The USB ports needs tweaking to get the iPhone 3gs to sync to the Gateway NV79. Follow these steps without your iPhone 3gs connected to the Gateway NV79 to fox this problem (worked for me):


          Step 1: Go to Control Panel


          1.     Open Control Panel
          2.     Click Hardware & Sound
          3.     Click Power Options
          4.     Make sure Balanced is selected and click Change Plan Settings
          5.     Click Change advanced power settings
          6.     Expand USB Settings
          7.     Expand USB selective suspend setting
          8.     Change On Battery setting to Disabled.
          9.     Change Plugged in setting to Disabled
          10.     Click OK


          Step 2: Go to Windows Explorer


          1.     Open Windows Explorer
          2.     Right-Click Computer (not your computer name)
          3.     Click Properties
          4.     Click Device Manager
          5.     Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers
          6.     Right-click first Generic USB Hub
          7.     Click Properties
          8.     Click Power Management
          9.     Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
          10.     Click OK
          11.     Right-click second Generic USB Hub
          12.     Click Properties
          13.     Click Power Management
          14.     Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
          15.     Click OK
          16.     Restart your computer


          After your computer restarts, login and connect your iPhone.


          You must complete both steps. Step 1 is required for Step 2 to stick.


          There are a few things that may happen. iTunes may start syncing immediately and fail with an error. Don’t worry. If the sync fails the first time, restart the computer with the iPhone still connected. Now, iTunes will either take you to setup screen to connect your iPhone or the sync may restart. In my case, the setup screen came up and I DID NOT CHOOSE TO RESTORE. Pick the first option to add your iPhone. The sync will restart and may or may not finish. Don’t worry, if the sync fails, restart your computer again with the iPhone still connected and this time the sync will work.

          Good luck.