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    DG45ID 16GB


      I am using DG45ID (AA E27729 - 308) Desktop Board, which when I bought last year, 2009, said that it supports memory upto 8GB. However, I learnt through "Intel Desktop Board Specification Update" that DG45ID now supports memory up to 16GB.


      I need to confirm whether this specification applies to my present Board or is it something which applies to newer Boards only. If it applies to my present DG45ID then do I simply upgrade to, say 16GB memory or do I have to update my BIOS or something... Please Help.


      I am currently using 4GB with Windows Vista Ultimate OS X86. I am planning to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate X64 and if possible with more than 8 GB memory.

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          Yes it will support 16gigs DDR2-800, But who can aford $400.00 for Ram , unless you realy need it I would stick to 8 gigs I have built two machines with this board and I am running Q9550, 8Gigs , GTS250 gpu 850watt psu and both are supper fast.

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            The only Bad thing about this board is NO Overclocking at all, And NO support for QX seeries cpu. If you realy want to build a supper 775 sys, find a DX48BT2 Board , than you can run the QX 9650 or QX9770, CPU and 8 gigs of DDR3-1333Mhz.

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              Thanks Robert for the confirmation that I can use 16 gigs memory with the said desktop board......

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                Well if you are realy going to spend the bucks to put 16 gigs in a DG45ID , I would like to know how it works , and what kind of performance boost you get , Over the 8 gigs that I am running in my two machines that have this board, Right now I am getting in the windows score a 7.4 on memory, I know thats not a PRO way to rate it But???

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                  I was feeling a bit flush and went for 2 8gb sets for my DG45ID. No improvement on the memory score and as I only have a Core 2 E8400 performance wasn't significantly increased.


                  I then took 8 gig out and put it in my server.

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                    You Konw the way windows scores sys I don't think you will ever see more than a 7.2 or 7.4  score on this board using DDR2 , I think Windows wants at least DDR3-1333 to get in the 7s .

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                      8 GB DDR2 800 MHz with a Q6600 (SLACR) gives a score of 7.1 for RAM.  8 GB for a server is most likely too much.  It would be of more use for Windows Virtual PC if you want to test applications or OSes.  If I could get past other problems I could start using mine with 8 GB, 3 for Vista 32 Ultimate as guest.  I got one Ultimate Win 7 for this future use.  Without multitasking etc the extra RAM won't do any good and can cause problems with virtual memory.

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                        I had interpreted your server comment more as a question.  However as Glenn Berry's SQL Server Configuration page of September 2008 states, the more memory the better.  I was thinking of experimental serving of pages but graphics, audio and high hits is another matter.