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    Old school computer needs help D845EBT motherboard


      Hey all, I will start out bu letting everyone know that I am not computer savvy at all and I am attempting to upgrade my computer's audio and memory followed by a new "gamers" UV reactive case swap.  My current motherboard as stated is a D845EBT, i've read the specs and know it doesnt have the memory capacity i need.  However I have already purchased my new HD video card in AGP style and purchased 2Gb of new ddr pc2100 for my old board which according to the intel support site says my old motherboard could handle ( it doesnt!) .  The old board is ATX style so my new case is ATX style. I was hoping someone knew of a new-older motherboard that has the same basic array of doodads and whatcha-ma-callits on it like the old d845ebt but can handle 4Gb of memory ( my 2 new memory cards and 2 old ones total 3.7Gb ). i have all the specs of my new upgrades if it helps. Thanks all!