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    I/O Controller (Sata 2)


      Hi, i am new to this forum, i want help with a problem, i not sure if this is the right plac e to post this, but this is the only topic i could find


      I/O Contoller Problem


      I just recently bought a new sata 2 hard disk, i did a fresh install of windows xp, i had to do the F6 thing to install the sata 2 drivers.


      The hard disk was doing like speed of 105 megabits per second random read, and all my games loaded really fast, i just decided other day to install sims 1, big mistake, cos when the game does its cd checking when you start the game a nice lovely blue screen of death came up. it work ok untill i installed that game, then when i restarted windows it told me the system had recovered from a searious error, and i did a submit report, and windows website told me it was the sata 2 drivers, and windows directed me to the intel website to some new drivers, i downloaded and installed the new drivers, now my computer harddisk runs at 5 to 10 mega bits per second, and it takes like 20 mins to load windows in. Can one of your experts at intel please solve this problem, i never had a major problem like this before with intel products.


      If you would like further information please contact me.