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    Need SATA Drivers on Floppy for D845PEBT2 MB



      I have an Intel D845PEBT2 MB currently using an WD IDE 120GB HD running XP. This work well.


      The MB has the latest BIOS (P10) and has the Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATA Controller onboard. In the BIOS, I have enabled SATA boot but not SATA Raid.

      I am trying to install a Samsung (HD501LJ) 500GB SATA HD as the Primary boot drive. As a second drive (using the 120GB HD as the boot drive) I can see the 500GB drive just fine in XP. I can partition it, format it, copy/delete files to it etc. XP sees the whole 500G and there are no issues with the drive when running in this manner.


      However, I want to Install XP on the 500GB drive and boot to it. The drive is currently empty. When I boot to the XP install CD, the XP install program does not see the SATA drive, it only sees the IDE drive (or no drive if I remove the IDE drive).


      At this point, I assume I need the SATA drivers on a floppy and then install them via the F6 option on the XP install CD.


      Can someone point out how to make this floppy with the correct drivers?The drivers are not on the MB CD.


      I'm willing to bet the answer is posted somewhere in these forums. I have looked already but perhaps I need to dig more.


      The SATA controller is built into the MB and it's Silicon Image SiI 3112A SATALINK


      Thanks in advance.


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          I am quite certain that I need the SATA drivers for this board. Can someone point me to the SATA drivers for this board?


          They are not on the CD and the MB did not come with a floppy. I still have the original box, CD, docs and cables for this board but there are no SATA drivers.


          I need the SATA drivers on a floppy for this MB.

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            Hello Ryderse,


            Assuming that you have got the board with the SIL controller:


            The Desktop Board D845PEBT2 includes one of the following:
            • SATA subsystem consisting of:
            — Silicon Image SiI 3112A controller supporting individual drives, and RAID 0
            and RAID 1 configurations
            — Two SATA connectors supporting a total of two drives


            Here is the latest driver for the controller:



            Make sure to use Windows XP with at lest SP2 and then you can slipstream both SP2 and the F6 driver using Nlite if you want, creating an Nlited version of XP with the SP2 and driver.


            All the best,


            Kind Regards,


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              Thanks.Yes, I have the board with the Silicon Image SiI 3112A SATALINK controller. My install CD is SP3.


              The file you mention does not help me that I know of but perhaps I am missing something. I installed that a while back and it installs the SATA Raid manager onto my IDE drive. From there, I am not sure what to do to configure the controller to have it recognized by XP SP3 CD. I do not know what you mean by 'slipstream' and/or Nlite. If you can enlighten me a bit more, perhaps I can try that but note that I want to boot to the SATA drive and not the IDE drive. I also do not need RAID, I just want to be able to boot to the SATA drive.


              However, I did try this file:



              At first, I extracted this to my IDE drive then copied the files to a floppy. That floppy was not readable by the install program. So, I then extracted the files directly to the same floppy and that did the trick.


              The install program now recognizes the SATA drive but I have hit another wall.


              After installing XP onto the drive and upon first boot to the SATA drive I am getting an error that states:


              Winnt_root\System32\Hal.dll missing or corrupt:

              Please re-install a copy of the above file.




              I have tried two of the options that MS recommends for this error but it still persists. So, I am not sure where that leaves me right now. I may open a case with MS and/or Samsung again. I don't think the drive is bad, it appears to be fine as a secondary drive.


              Do you think I am missing something else here?


              Thanks again for your input. I really appreciate it.



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                Ok, I finally got this working.


                Even though I was getting the hal.dll error, I tried a couple of the items that MS recommended. None worked however.


                At this point, I installed XP onto the SATA drive but could not boot from it, even the 1st time so technically, the install was not complete.


                So, I decided to boot to the IDE drive and for some reason, the Add HW Wizard kicked in and noticed new HW. It ran fine and installed the drivers but I could not tell what it was installing. Once this ran, I rebooted the box again to the IDE drive (to complete the installation of the newly discovered device). After this, I rebooted a 3rd time but this time I booted to the SATA drive and bingo!


                XP now boots from this SATA drive. XP is installed and all is well.


                Wow..what a pain that was.


                Thanks for the help.