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    Expanding a RAID5


      Hi All,

      I have a RAID5 currently setup on a GA-H57M-USB3. The RAID consists  of 3x1tb samsung drives. I have just purchased two more 1tb drives and I  want to add them into the current array.

      The problem I have is that the Intel Rapid Storage Technology  software doesnt seem to be displaying the correct option.

      The help guide in the software says i just need to select the volume  and click "add disk" on the left. The option however is not there.

      I thought it may be because I currently have a system partition on  the volume and maybe it doesnt let you expand an array that has a  partition like this.

      Has anyone had any luck expanding a RAID5 on an intel raid controller  in this way? or has any advice?

      Regards, Z