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    Graphics Media Accelerator 500 - Why do Intel sell these?


      I bought a new laptop yesterday with the graphiccard "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500". I haven't heard of this graphiccard before, I lost track of all hardware like 10 years ago but I did figure since my EEE900 could run both Counterstrike and Warcraft3, my new laptop that was 30% more expensive sure had to run those games just fine. WRONG!


      This product from Intel, is the worst graphiccard I've ever seen. My 133 MHZ computer I bought several years ago even run the games better! How can this be? Why do Intel sell these crappy cards? Why would they want to associate their wellknown name with such a bad product? I'm very unhappy with the new laptop I bought.


      One thing is sure, the next one I buy will not have any graphiccard from Intel.