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    Is VT supported in the DG45ID BIOS ?


      I am a student and I would like to extend my knowledge of computing by using virtual machines and specifically the MS Hyper-V technology supported in MS2008.  I have bought an Advent PC (QC8003), which contains the Intel DG45ID motherboard.  The current BIOS installed is version: IDG4511H.86A.0104.2009.0120.2130.  I want to be able to try the Intel specific virtualisation Technology or VT as it appears be known.  I have checked on the intel site and according to this link:






      The DG45ID motherboard should support the native VT option.  The motherboard is specifically listed in the table of supported chipsets and motherboards.


      Contradictorily, according to the following link it does not support VT:






      With futher hunting on the internet I believe one should see the Intel@VT option in the BIOS if it is supported, as it is demonstrated in this picture link:






      I have found questions on various forums suggesting that the DG45ID board does support VT in the BIOS such as:






      But I would like to confirm this properly, if that is possible, as I do not see the option in my current BIOS menu.  My system currently has a Q8200 processor which I am aware will not support VT.  If all is well I will purchase a Q8400, assuning It will work with the BIOS.



      Consequently, I have several questions and I would be grateful if anyone can answer them as specifically as possile:



      1)      Does the DG45ID motherboard support VT?


      2)      If so, should the VT option always be visible in the BIOS irrespective of the installed processor?


      3)      Has the VT option been added with a later version of the BIOS and if so, which version?


      4)      The version of BIOS I have installed on my Motherboard is an Advent specific BIOS (starts with, IDG4511H) Could that be the reason I do not see the VT option in the BIOS.


      5)      Is it possible to force the Intel BIOS to overwrite the Advent/Intel BIOS so that I can be running the latest Intel BIOS. (The Intel BIOS starts with IDG4510H)



      I have already tried to overwrite My current version of BIOS using the ISO image CD but it flags up a mismatch in versions when run.

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          1) I can confirm that the45id has VT.

          2)Not necessaraly

          3) you would have to look through the read me note for the BIOS updates to see.

          4) it is a possibility, also it is possible that they have disabled vt completly

          5) dunno sorry, well yes i am sure you could, just don't know how.

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            Thanks for your answers so far.  Can you confirm how you know the DG45ID supports VT-d?  Do you have this board and have enabled the option?  Do you know someone with this board who has enabled this option?  If so, would it be possible to double check the motherboard version and the version of the installed BIOS?


            The more I look into this the more ambiguous it appears. Looking at the data sheet for the G45 chipset suggests that the VT-d option is not available. It appears only available for the Q45 chipset!


            One of the first things I did was to read through the BIOS release notes. Sadly this gives no suggestion as when or if the VT option is in the BIOS


            It would be really nice if a higher level Intel support engineer would confirm this categorically.

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              Ok, i can confirm because i work for intel and i get to play around with the boards. Aslo because if you look at ITK and the latest BIOS for this board it is there.


              But this board does NOT have VT-D which is not the same thing as VT see the following: http://www.intel.com/technology/itj/2006/v10i3/2-io/7-conclusion.htm   and  http://www.intel.com/technology/virtualization/technology.htm

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                My apologies.  Thank you for your clarification and those links.  I think I'm understanding the Intel VTechnology jargon better:


                I believe that the VT of the processor means it has the VT extensions thus the notation, VT-x. The VT option in the motherboard BIOS enables the VT capabilities of the processor.  The VT-d refers to a subset of VT on the motherboard allowing direct access to IO peripherals thus the notation, VT-d.  VT-c is a subset of VT-d and allows more specific access to network connectivity resources thus the notation, VT-c.  The increased functionality of VT-d and VT-c allow faster operation of Virtual Machine technology as the guest VMachines do not need to negotiate peripheral access through the VM software's Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM).  I think that is right from what I read?


                So is it correct that the DG45ID motherboard has the G45 chipset that allows VT rather than the later and more exotic VT-d or VT-c enhancements?


                With regards to my particular problem, would it be possible to confirm if a Q8200 processor is installed then the VT option is disabled in the BIOS?,  The reason I ask is,  if I purchase the Q8400 processor I might be able to use it without having to reflash my current motherboard BIOS and the VT option will magically appear.  If I reflash my motherboard BIOS then I will lose the preinstalled Vista64 OS as it is locked to the current BIOS.  Once the BIOS is reflashed I will have no way to return it to its original settings so this is my least favoured option.  The system has cost me £750 so far and new processor will cost me a further £120.  If it does not work I will have a dud system which I will not be able to recover the original cost because I will have to get a new software license.


                Would it be possible if you or another could test and confirm this as I believe you have the facilities?


                Thanks in advance

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                  hey sorry i haven't answered, i haven't been around, and now that i am am well busy, if i get achance to set it up i will this afternoon, if not maybe monday, if i forget send me a pm

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                    Hi i checked, and if you have a CPU with no VT, indeed it does not appear. As soon as you have a VT enable CPU the option does appear  under the security menu. re reading what you posted thoug, it may be the case that they have disabled VT completly on your board, either via chipset or motherboard. It also may be teh case that even flashing with an Intel bios you will have no luck. I would suggest you borrow one to test first.

                    Hope thsi helps.