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    ethernet drivers not installed after fresh install of windows


      I have an older computer that I wanted to set up for my son upon returning from school for the summer. I reinstalled winw xp home for performance reasons. When I did so I could no longer connect to the internet. It says the ethernet drivers where not found. As I used it in the past to surf the net I know they where installed the last time I installed windows.

      After doing some research I found this seems to be a common problem. Still I have had no luck in finding the proper drivers. There seems to be lots of downloads out there, but which ones do I need.

      I used Belarc Advisor to identify my motherboard hoping that would help. No such luck. In any case the info I saw for my mobo is as follows, maybe this will help: D8545HV AAA68838-304. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.