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    RAID Recovery continue vs RAID 1 - Questions to experts



      I recently discover RAID mode and read faqs et user manuel, but have somes questions w/o answer (not clear for me)


      My PC (HP)  : i5 / W7 64 bits Premium / 2HD 1T,  able to work in RAID fast recovery, RAID 0 or RAID 1

      I have actualy Intel Matrix Storage v8.9  in RAID Recovery, continue update mode ; Work fine except somes rarely BSOD


      I have some questions to experts :


      1/ In this mode, does datas reading is from 2 HD ou only one ?


      2/ What is the différence betheen this mode and RAID 1 ?


      3/ Does RAID 1 migration from this mode need to rebuilt one HD (4 hours)  or is-it a quick mode change ?


      4/ Can i update IMS to v9.6 w/o re-install W7, or lost data, or re-built an HD ?


      Thanks to experts for help