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    OverClocking an IntelPentium4 E6400? ? ?


      Hello people

      I am looking to overclock my Pentium4 E6400 2.13GHz processor. I have searched high and low for stuff on the internet but i found nothing, and there is no option in the BIOS to overclock. So im lost now, most programs i tried do not work either. So someone whit knowledge that can help me is very appreciated.

      My pc is a pretty good rig, and i know it can do alot better then it does, my cpu temps only get to about 50degrees with really demanding games like GTA4 and FSX, so that tells me it ain't trying all that hard. I want to overclock to i does a better job.

      My specs are as follows


      Vista 32bit

      Motherboard is Dell inc., model = OWG855, chipset is Intel P965/G965, southbridge 82801HH (ICH8DH)

      Processor = Intel Core2Duo E6400 at 2.13GHz, conroe, LGA775, multipler is at x6.0 with bus speed at 266.0, core VID1.131V

      x6 Gigs Corsair Ram DDR2 (6144MBytes) PC2-6400 400MHz, supposed to be 800MHz.


      That's about the basics of my system, all psot more info if needed.


      I need help doing this, as every other way i know, is not possible to do. Like in the BIOS, i can't overclock thru that, because there is no option to.