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      Hello all

      Im am looking to overclock my Intel Petium4 E6400 duo 2 core cpu, but no programs have worked for me, and there is not any kind of setting in the BIOS to do this. I have searched all over but nothing applies to my topic. If somone has knowledge of how to do this it is very appreciated, i posted in the processors forum but knowone seems to want to help.

      My specs are as follows


      Vista 32bit

      Motherboard is Dell inc, Model OWG855, chipset = Intel P965/G965, SouthBridge 82801HH (ICH8DH)

      BIOS version 2.5.3

      Processor = Intel Core 2 duo E6400 Pentium4 at 2.13GHz, Conroe, LGA775, multiplyer is set x6.0 with bus speed at 266.0

      Nvidia 8800GTS

      x6 gigs Corsair Ram DDR2 (6144MBytes), PC2-6400 (400MHz, but is supposed to be 800MHz.

      That is about the basics of my system.

      But i need to overclock some hox because i know my pc can do a whole lot better than it is now. I want to overclock to where it runs at a good temp, instead of now where it only gets to about 50degrees c. So i can tell it's not trying to hard.