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    Quad core temps


      Hi I am trying to find out how to tell what temp the quad core cpu is running at in bios it tells me 28 c it has a super cooler on it. But when i use a temp monitor program i get cpu temp then the temp of each core which are not the same. I know theres a sensor for each core and the die so what is the temp to go by the die temp or the core temps and if it is the core temps what one. Thank You

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          i am not really sure what you are asking, but if i understand correctly tehn teh asnwer would be it depends completly what you are doing, as to what temps you look at. The core temps will alaways be different to theh cpu temps and usually tehre will be some disparity between themselves. As long as there is a differenece of say 20 between core(maybe 15) then you are fine.

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            You do not need to worry about the core temperature, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the CPU itself. I would recommend contacting the motherboard manufacturer to see if they have thermal monitoring software for their systems.

            If the motherboard manufacturer does not have monitoring software, you can use any other third party software that can monitors the CPU temperature.

            You can find the maximum recommended temperature for most of our processors by looking for the model at:



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              Hi thank you for your reply and finally the answer. I have had a bit of a time understanding the quad core temperature as every forum they are going by core temperature which I know now is wrong and it goes by the die temp. My Motherboard has a temperature in bios and it shows 26c for a q9550 at 2.8 on for 3 hours room temperature 25 c I have yet to check it under load but I don’t see any heat problems. I have a custom fan with heat sink I also use a windows

              temperature program to keep a eye on the temperature shows the die temperature correctly also. I think what the problem was is a lot are using a temperature monitor program that only can read the core temp and not the die temp.