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    processore socket contact tip brocken



      i am a user of  intel pentium d system. last month i did a mistake during the dust cleaning from heat sink and processore during cleanig on socket contact tip is brocken down.how ever letter i installed every thing now my system is working perfect. i am sending attach file pics of that brocken contact tip. so please help me about what can be failure in future with the system.

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          The furture fail;ure could be anything, or nothing at all. Have you tried bendign it back? If it works though i'd just leave it

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            Without knowing which contact it is, it is difficult to know what the loss of that contact would mean.  Trying to deduce from the attachment you uploaded, I suspect that this is one of the corner contacts.  One is not used and the other 3 are only power bus connectors.




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            As there are multiple power bus connectors, because of the high power requirements of the chip, it is unlikely to affect the chip with the loss of a single connector. I think you were lucky and I would suggest if it is working then leave well alone.  Do not attempt to bend anything back.  You may slip during the process and damage more connectors or have a piece break off and cause a short.


            The more important question is why this accident happened in the first place?  I think you should be asking yourself whether it was really necessary to remove the chip to clean under the processor.  I personally cannot think of any circumstance where this would be necessary. Removing the chip has the potential to introduce dirt onto the contact which would be more detirmental in the long run.  I follow the adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

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              first of all thank you so much.

              you said well that is no nessarey to clean under side the chip but that was a bigest misstake i will never do again.