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    Q8400 Whines


      I installed a Q8400 into my HTPC a few weeks ago.  Everything in the  setup is exactly the same.  Sitting at idle the processor makes a very  annoying whining sound.  It's not constant but close to it.  It did it  with the stock fan so I swapped back in my aftermarket fan and the sound  persists.  What do I do?

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          Try and figura out exactly where the sound is coming for...the actuall CPU or a compoennt close by on teh motherboard... try updating BIOS...test another identical CPU if possible or your cpu on another motherboard

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            Well I've searched around a bunch and it seems that this is a pervasive problem with Core 2 Duos.  The solutions I've found involve disabling certain SpeedStep states to prevent the CPU from idling and whining.  Doing this in the bios is ideal but my Intel DG45ID does not have this option in the BIOS.  I tried using a program called rmclock but it doesn't seem to work with Win7.  I still don't know what to do, this is completing ruining this processor for me.


            I updated the BIOS but no go.  Once I start up a program which uses a decent amount of CPU the whine instantly disappears.  This seems to be a widespread and documented problem with no decent solution.  I'm running an Intel CPU on an Intel board, isn't there anything Intel can do?

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              What memory do you have? or what voltage at least? i believe this issue, although CPU related, was also related to RAM voltage being too high...

              Other than that oyu can test another CPU or motherboard and contact INtel

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                I have Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX seen here I'm runnin at 1.80v 5-5-5-18 which matches the specs.  My other socket 775 processor did not whine, its an e2180.