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    Frequent Random Disconnects on Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG

      I'm so frustrated right now.  My wireless keeps disconnecting randomly every single day.  I have a Intel ProSet Wireless 3945ABG and I'm using Windows XP SP3.  There appears to be no pattern to it and it might disconnect several times within a few minutes or it could go for hours before it disconnects.  When I get disconnected, I try to reconnect to my wireless network but I always get a "Unable to connect to..."  message.  The only way to resolve this is to either reboot the machine or repairing the connecton...both incredibly ANNOYING things to do.  I've tried reinstalling windows and even removing my antivirus software in case there was any conflict (trying everything here).  I'm using the latest driver which says 1/13/2010.  Please help! This is driving me crazy!!