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    RPAT Configuration For LogmeIn access on DQ57TM


      Can someone please point me to some specific instruction for configuring my DQ57TM System for RPAT access using LogMeIn?  I was at the TST a couple of days ago in which we configured the desktop in question for VPro access but this does not seem to make it RPAT capable.  The people at LogMeIn tried to help out for about 1 1/2 Hours going over the Bios of the system as well as installing Intel's RPAT software but the software keeps coming up saying the system is not RPAT capable.  I have it configured so that I can access it via VNC Viewer Plus but this does me no good for LogMeIn Purposes.  I am told there is supposed to be a CTRL+P option during boot up that gets into further configuration but this does not seem to exist on this board.  it neither shows up anywhere during boot up nor does pressing CTRL+P seem to have any effect (It just boots into the OS which is Win 7 Pro 64-bit)


      any specific directions would be very helpful since Intel themselves offer not phone support whatsoever and nothing else of consequence.