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    3 beep s5520sc



      I have a problem with a new workstation. It's starts a very long time, and hear three beeps. When I unplug the usb mouse and keyboard is just a 1 beep but the hardware still long to start. Hardware configuration: s5520sc, 2 x Xeon 5680, 4 x 4GB DDR3 1333 Kingston ECC, 2 x SSD Kingston, 2 x HDD Segate, nVidia 295GTX and Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Workstation starts up as long, even without the installed system. Because in product specification I read that the that three beeps suggest a memory problem I tried to run with another memory but the problem persists. What's wrong? Whay beep?

      I will be grateful for any advice

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          You're on the right track, it is a memory problem.  Make sure your memory is one from the list at http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s5520sc/sb/CS-030229.htm , especially noting the manufacturer and model.  The server is very particular about what will work.

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            Actually, this behavior is normal. It will take up to 30 seconds before you hear any beeps, and the beeps you are hearing are the USB ports being recognized. If you add more USB devices you will get more beeps. The amount of time to actually boot will depend on how many BIOS' need to be installed and if drives spins up times are set (on a RAID card.

            You should go to 3 DIMMs per processor for better performance though

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              the beeps are fooling a lot , as it shows with Dan_O . it s the usb if you ear only one serial of bips . this card is the worst i have ever seen about the booting process : it s very long with screen offline , then the advert intel xeon ....

              no info like it was with bios at end before boot . i am not against their efi/minios but bios screen as they used to be with all tests visibles are largely better than blinking micro-lamps that are humanly unreadable ; moreover without printed notice .

              it s like : they give cable for the second com port , wile the first one as a db9 type...but not for the video card matrox ........

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                30 seconds (give or take) to post the video is became the norm a Xeon generation or so back. Any system I know of using this chipset is in that category. As for the serial cable, I guess majority of users would use the second serial port but add in a video card? I don't know, I turn the serial ports off and add in a video card.

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                  i did the same despite i tried to use one com port for the power back-up : the db9 but when i connected , it did shutdown , so i use usb .

                  we both show it s a better choice to give the connector for vga , moreover because it s not so easy as the com cable to find . also because it s really usefull .

                  i would like to use the vga to do some monitoring of temps or web email when i play or else with the monitors of the hd5970 are in eyefinity mode .

                  you can look some images of my pc at this topic http://communities.intel.com/thread/12607 .

                  that s second board and i have the same bugs with memory slot . this time i have one card working but no crossfire . feel free to tell me if you know if board can do it or if you tested one that did .

                  i ll wait few months for intel-europe to check or sell the stock before asking for exchange .

                  i wish a new updated release of board that can handle recent gfx , without firewire . with ram  near pcie moved a little above and chipset under radiator moved down . 7-8 mm could be good move .

                  at three board plus the second ati : ms will force me to buy new keys for win7 [ i joke but not buy if it happens ; by now i can not register online and have to use the phone system to get a bunch of numbers ] .

                  happily i love ubuntu 8]

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                    I think the 2nd poster was right and you just dont read carefully enough.

                    I can't tell 100% for sure since I only got one of the boards and can't hear his one or yours. But I see memory errors (and some more, the board behaves almost like it was a little fried, but still testing.


                    The point is:






                    these are later followed by the short, successive beeps that indicate the usb device detection or whatever.

                    Intel could help a lot by simple updating the error beep codes in the manual, it's an utter joke that not all possible combinations of EIST error beeps are in there.