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    problems with snmpv3 - intel modular server




      I started to configure snmpv3 to manage the compute module power state for our modular server. When I attempt to save changes for snmpv3 I get the following error:

      Error: invalid authentication protocol encountered


      This occurs whether I use MD5 or SHA as the protocol.


      Further to this when I attempt to access the modular server as described in the intel document "Intel Compute Module Power Control for Clusters" I get

      the following error:


      # snmpget  -v3 -a 'SHA' -A v3password -u 'snmpv3user' 'modular_server_ip:161' '.'
      snmpget: Unknown user name


      Note that snmpv2c is active and works. I also upgraded to the latest firmware in the hope of resolving this matter.


      I would be greatful for some direction on this, thanks,