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    DP45SG windows 7 installation


      Hello, are there any similar issues installing windows 7(64bit) as there were with installing XP on Intel dp45sg.  Getting XP on this

      board was like pulling teeth.  It's working really well now and I want to change the OS,  never satisfied when it comes to something new,

      Thanks in advance for any help, Ed

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          What help do you need exactly?  nyou haven't  really stated a problem?

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            Hello Cpt.Dogfruit, thanks for your reply.  You're right, after reading my question again I see what you mean.  I really have no problem right

            now, I'm trying to avoid one.  When I installed xp on my dp45sg I had to slipstream raid drivers in the installation disc.  I'm sure everyone who

            installed xp on dp45sg went thru this problem unless they had the floppy drive to install drivers by using the F6 button.  I assumed, which is the first wrong step, that when dp45sg is mentioned that the F6 problem comes into mind or maybe it was all a bad dream.  Anyway, I want

            to install Windows 7 on the same board and would like to know if the same problem will arise with the raid drivers, that's my question.

            Thanks for letting me bend your ear for a while, Ed  

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              I installed Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise to the intel raid SATA connectors. I had the intel SATA configured to AHCI mode. Booted the windows 7 install dvd, pointed it to the blank drive, and let it install. After the OS is installed you can go grab the latest Rapid Storage Technology software that includes a newer driver than came on Windows 7 DVD. You do NOT need the F6 drivers to get Windows 7 installed as there are generic ones already supported by it.

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                Thank you very much for your reply, I'm sure I'll be on here asking other questions, Ed