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    DX58SO no boot, no video, no beeps


      I have a problem with a brand new DX58SO running with an i7-960 that I hasn’t boot since I put it together.  I’m not even getting any video output.


      From reading other threads, evidently many others have experienced similar issues with this motherboard in the past.  I was quite disappointed to read this given that the DX58SO is one of Intel’s high-end boards.  Thought I’d post up in case those people have found solutions as a lot of those threads posted problems but didn’t post to say if the problem was ever resolved.


      Processor: Intel i7 960 SLBEU http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=37151.
      Motherboard: Intel DX58SO AA E29331-702 http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=36888.
      Video card: Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_quadro_fx_4800_us.html.
      Memory: 1 x 4gb Kingston DDR3 1333mhz KVR133D3D4R9SK2/8GI
      Storage: 1 x Western Digital 2tb Caviar Green 64mb cache http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?DriveID=773

      1 x Pioneer BD/DVD/CD read/writer http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Products/BusinessProducts/Blu-rayDisc+DVDWriters/Blu-rayDiscWriters/BDR-205. Couldn't find power consumption.
      Chassis: iCute A02GN: http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=99417
      PSU: x-power 700 w http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?moduleno=97107


      After assembling the whole lot I plugged my monitor into the video card (there's no integrated video out on the motherboard) and turned it on. Here's what happened:

      - little green power light on the motherboard lit up
      - LED on the motherboard called 'HDD LED' turns blue when I first switch the computer on, the shuts off
      - no motherboard beeps sound, unless I boot it with all the memory removed, in which case I get 3 beeps.
      - all the fans come on and run continuously at max rpm (heatsink, IOH, video card, PSU, chassis front fan).  Two of the fans have blue LEDs and those light up.
      - the little power switch on the motherboard works to switch the machine on and off
      - no signal is being received by my monitor (amber light on the monitor)

      - computer then shuts down after about 3 seconds as if doing a mini-reboot, then starts back up and stays on but just at the same level just described – fans running, no video output.


      Here’s what I did so far to try to fix the problem and the result:


      Try 1 stick of memory in each different slot

      Outcome:  No change


      Take memory out entirely and reboot

      Outcome:  Speaker on motherboard sounds 3 beeps (so it seems like there is some life in it!)


      Put the memory back in and change video card to the second PCI express slot

      Outcome:  No change from my first attempt (ie no beeps, no video output)


      Try a different video card (GEForce 9800 GT)

      Outcome:  No change.


      Reintegrate CPU

      Outcome:  No change


      Unplug everything, unscrew motherboard and reinsert it

      Outcome: No change


      Put bios jumpers to configuration mode and turn on

      Outcome:  No change


      Take battery out for an hour to clear the CMOS, put it back in

      Outcome:  when I insert power cable, the machine turns on, then off, then off again over and over no video output though.


      Install latest bios (version 5200) using recovery (bios jumper cable taken out) and a USB thumb drive

      Outcome: When I boot it in recovery mode, the continual rebooting stops and it just turns on with fans running at max rpm, motherboard green light is on, but no video out.


      However, when I power the machine off, take the thumb drive out and power on again, it its back to where it powers on for a few seconds, then reboots, over and over again, no video out..


      After reading here http://communities.intel.com/message/88172#88172 that bios version 4405 was stable, I cleared the CMOS again and performed bios recovery to version 4405 using a thumb drive. 

      Outcome: No change - it powers on for a few seconds, then reboots, over and over again, no video out..


      Any suggestions more than welcome

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          My bet would be that this "expensive for a no-name" power supply doesn't provide enough power for the setup. I would try getting a brand name power supply if I were you.


          If it feels light in the hand and if the wires look thin then it could perhaps provide 300-400W with God knows what voltage/current/ripple characteristics.

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            The only person i've ever seen claim to have found a procedure for bringing a DX58SO out of a "hung" state when nothing else worked (for me it is just pulling config jumper, others have not been so lucky) was the last post in this thread:



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              Thanks for the replies Igor and Domain, appreciate your help.


              On the PSU question - yes I've pretty much gotten to the point where I'll have to buy new components to try to get this working.  The power supply is high on the list.  Bought the no-name brand in a local shop because I was hoping to get this computer together quickly, and it did feel hefty and have nicely tied wires (see image here: http://kayak.csn.ul.ie/gallery/albums/CaspersStuff/InteriorComments.jpg)


              Domain I had read that thread and attempted to do that procedure, didn't work for me unfortunately.


              Next on my list to try is:

              -- Different brand of memory stick

              -- If that doesn't work, different PSU (name brand, higher wattage even though I calculated up what I should be draining at max and came to less than 650w)

              -- If that doesn't work, different motherboard if I can find one that will take all the components I bought for this one.

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                One thing stands out in your rig:


                You have used the WRONG memory for your system. The X58 chipset does not officially support ECC or registered memory. Nor does the i7-960 processor support ECC or registered memory at all. Therefore, you will need memory that's unbuffered and non-ECC in order for your system to work.

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                  I am curious, where did you find info about that module type? Googling reveals nothing.

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                    I originally typed in the string "KVR133D3D4R9SK2/8GI", only to come up with nothing. Then I realized that the model number was mistyped (it was missing the third "3"), so I typed in "KVR1333D3D4R9SK2/8GI" - and VOILA! I discovered that the memory is a registered ECC memory module.


                    By the way, another new BIOS version for the DX58SO has been released: version 5314. This latest BIOS version adds support for ECC memory provided that the processor's memory controller supports such memory.


                    As for registered memory, some X58 motherboards might support this memory provided that you also have a Xeon 3500, 5500 or 5600 series processor. Unfortunately, the "consumer" i7 processors have such memory support internally disabled at the manufacturing level.


                    Thus, as of the latest BIOS version 5314, the DX58SO now officially supports unbuffered ECC memory. The use of registered memory still requires a Xeon processor.

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                      You are absolutely right, I overlooked that missing "3"!

                      Also, a great piece of info about the new BIOS.


                      Using another RAM will certainly solve the no-boot problem.


                      Regardless, I would still suggest a better PSU.


                      It is not so much about max power rating, but how much it can actually deliver and how good the voltage is.

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                        Hmm interesting, I should have probably been paying more attention to the fact you said it never actually booted to begin with.  Not sure how you got it to do a recovery though if that is the case.


                        At any rate, seems strange for them to add ECC support now... but 5200 has been stable enough for me that I don't feel like upgrading the BIOS on my board again anytime soon.

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                          Thanks for the help guys, yes that ECC memory issue has now moved to the top of my list along with the PSU - apologies about leaving the '3' out there and throwing people off.


                          I'll post up on what happens after I've gotten my hands on a stick that has been tested with this board.  Also I'll be trying a new PSU soon so I'll post up to say how that went.


                          Thanks also for the info on the new bios version supporting ECC memory if used with a processor that also supports it, very helpful.

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                            I just installed 5314 update.


                            Default clock is still 135 MHz, although now I can at least set it to 133 MHz without hanging the system.


                            Wrong multipliers seem to have been taken care of as well.


                            I will stick with this latest version -- for me it is the best one so far.


                            Regarding ECC support, Everest says that ECC is supported but disabled on my IMC. Does anyone know if that means it can be enabled if ECC memory is used with this latest BIOS?

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                              ECC can only be enabled with a compatible Xeon processor (although the CPU support for the DX58SO lists only the 5500 series Xeons). The "consumer" i7 processors have both registered and ECC memory support internally disabled at the manufacturing stage.

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                                Thanks for the clarification, that is what I suspected as well.


                                A little weird from Intel to add such a feature so late in the game.


                                I would personally appreciate better memory timing control. As it is, you have to press <Enter> then <+> and <->, then <Enter> again which is not very user friendly. It would be better to have drop-down list, or edit box where you can type the value, or at least the option to change the field with only <+> and <-> without having to press <Enter> twice. The ability to retain some of the timings on <Auto> (such as tFAW for example) while some are set manually would also be welcome because every other BIOS has that.


                                But I guess adding ECC support for that huge percentage of people who already bought DX58SO with Xeon and ECC RAM was more important.

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                                  New memory arrived today (Crucial1gb 1066 unbufferred non-ECC model CT12864BA1067) and I got the system to post.  Many thanks for your help folks.

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                                    PS I tested a Xeon 5660 with this motherboard today and seems to work only with unregistered memory only - it doesn't post with the ECC registered memory mentioned above.


                                    The reason I tested a 5660 was that I had read here that certain 5600 series processors would work with the DX58S0:  http://ixbtlabs.com/articles3/cpu/intel-xeon-x5680-gulftown-p1.html

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