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    Missing DNS Suffix and Default Gateway (Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG)


      When I type "ipconfig", I see the following:


      Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connections:


      Connection-specific DNS Suffix :

      Autoconfiguration IP Address:

      Subnet Mask:

      Default Gateway:


      Any suggestions on what I should try in order to get a valid IP address?  I have already reset my cable modem gateway to the default value and powercycled everything (cable box and laptop).


      Note: my laptop is able to connect and surf the internet when it is connected to my neighbor's wireless networks, but when it is connected to my Motorola SBG901, I get a status that my laptop is connected with excellent signal strength (but am unable to surf the internet).  When I refresh my list of wireless networks, it can find my SBG901.