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    Booting a Linux ISO image


      I would like to boot a custom linux ISO to launch some diagnostic apps remotely, including access to NTFS partitions. I have tested some of them unsuccessfully... It seems that after the kernel loaded to RAM, the access to CD points to the local not the redirected one... Is it possible to generate such ISO image? Is there any documentation on this? Is there a more simple way to do it using only freeware or opensource tools?



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          This page will give you more details of how to use Remote Drive Sharing to perform a remotely access and repair a PC.



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            until now I thought I could use the IDE redirect feature to actually perform a clean remote installation without having to use any kind of pre-built installation image and some PXE magic. At least that's what the demonstration video for the RealVNC Viewer Plus was showing. Testing it on my Q57 platform kind of disappointed me. With the Viewer Plus I couldn't boot via a redirected Windows 7 ISO image. Trying it with the Intel tool I was at least able to boot from the CD. But as soon as I got to a point where I could do some useful stuff like perform an installation, the installer would tell me that the driver to access the installation medium is missing. Same thing or something similar happened for every operating system I tried to install. Even booting a live CD failed at some point. Maybe I'm missing something on my end, but to me IDE-R doesn't provide any of the features I hoped for.


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              The reason Linux is not booting all the way is that it currently doesn't have IDEr drivers. Good news is that the drivers will be added in Kernel 2.6.37. More info. In the mean time, you can build you image to run solely from a RAM disk. This is how Remote Drive Share works. This way, access to the CD is not required after the kernel loads.