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    Mobile Intel 4 Series Express and Extended Desktop: Image distorted



      I've got a few problems with my Samsung Laptop with a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express graphics chipset and an extra HP 2159m monitor.


      The "optimal resolution" of the monitor is 1920x1080, the laptop display has a resolution of 1280x800


      If I swelect the "optimal resolution", the image is too big to be displayed fully and is cut off at all the edges. This can be solved by scaling it down from 100 to 50. But this works only if I select the Monitor as the sole display. In extended desktop mode, the image has to be scaled to 100 (and thus too big) or else it will be distorted.


      The HP support couldn't help me, the Intel Support wouldn't help me (as it's a built-in component), and the latest driver from the Samsung website is installed. So I am a bit desperate. It's not a super-enerving problem, but as viewing things in fullscreen is not possible, i'd like to find a solution. Can anyone of you  help?