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    Does a T7300 with stepping "B0" work well?


      Recently, I get a es sample of T7300 (2.00GHz, 800MHz FSB, 4M L2 cache) .

      I checked it by tool "cpuz", so I get its information:  stepping: 4, revison: B0, specification: "Genuine Intel(R) CPU        @2.00GHz(ES)".

      I have used it for some days, and i find that it generates a great heat.

      I run it with a stress tool, when it gets a 60% loading, it gets 70°C, and when it gets a 100% loading, it gets 84°C. Its idle temperature is 51°C.

      Does the temperature properly?

      And i see that the T7300 also has B1, B2 steppings, what the detail upgrades from B0 stepping?

      Thanks very much!