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    DH55TC w/ i7-860 cpu w/ MSI N240GT pci-e - compatibility issue??


      Constantly locks up/reboots, 2 systems, same problem w/ both.

      Latest mainboard BIOS v. 0035


      Intel i7-860 2.80 ghz

      Intel DH55TC

      Crucial 2GB dimm ddr3 1333mhz x4 (total 8GB)

      Seagate 320 GB 7200rpm 16 mb sata

      Seagate 1TB 7200rpm 32 md sata

      MSI N240GT 1024mb DDR3 dvi vga (pci-e)

      win XP pro 64bit on 1 system, no OS on the other

      500 watt earth tech antec power supply


      The 'hardware monitoring' page in bios randomly reports temps, volts etc... sometimes says "not present"


      I tried new DH55TC, new i7-860, new N240GT, different / new nvidia graphic card (8400), different / new i3-540 all to no avail... I will try a larger power supply next.

      Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.