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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager Problem - Problema con Intel Matrix Storage


      Hello to everybody!!

      yesterday evening, trying to turn on my pc... Windows Vista refused to start!!

      Reading the log file, I saw that the problem was in this file: iaStor.sys

      Surfing Internet, I found iaStor.sys associed to the software Intel Matrix Storage Manager, don't know why!


      I can have access to my pc using a Live Cd of Linux. I saw that in my pc the file iaStor.sys is present.

      But I remender that the last time I used the computer, I uninstalled some programms... And I fear that I uninstalled Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

      Can this be the causes of the problem??


      Owever look at my files, I saw that in my computer a directory named 'Intel Matrix Storage Management' is present at the path 'C:/Program Files/Intel/Intel Matrix Storage Manager'. Inside there are: IAANTmon.exe ; ISDI.dll ; PlugInRAID_ITA.dll


      I'm so in panic.. I need my pc!!

      I really don't know what to do!!! Please help me if you know something!!

      My pc is an Aspire 5920g.


      Sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian!! =)