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    DG45ID running Windows 7 Pro

      This computer keeps freezing.  Sometimes daily, sometimes after several days.  No apparent pattern.  Running Adaptec RAID controller 1220SA and 500GB WD SATA RAID Drives.  Error reads Kernel-Power 41 (63).  Have replaced power supply - no difference.  System is on a battery backup so I don't suspect electrical problem.  HELP!!!



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          Any resolution on this problem? I have had my DG45ID running with Win 7 RC1 for a year with no issues. However, a few weeks after doing a fresh install of Win 7 Home OEM, the system really started to have problems. Not exactly freezing, but crawling EXTREMELY SLOW with no indication why (using 25% mem, 1GB of 4GB, and 10% of processor). I have re-installed a couple of times, done a full disk error check, and still the problem comes back. The only relief I've found is that during the last install, I turned off automatic windows updates and the problem did not re-occurred until I did the update. So, I think that it's a windows update, or more likely a driver update, that is causing the problem. I was using win 7 to install all the necessary drivers, which it seemed to find without a problem. I still have some more testing to do on the update issue. Are / were your problems similar?




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            are you running an oem version of WIn7? A recent update by win7 will not allow oem forced win7, perhaps this could be windows attempting to validate your sytem.

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              Any luck figuring out your issue?

              I'm experiencing the exact same problem.  Random freezes, sometimes daily, sometimes as much as a week between, same event message.  Running Windows 7 Home Premium.

              System specs:


              2x160gb WD Blue HDD in Raid 1 (using onboard raid)

              nvidia 9800 GTX+

              8gb 1333 G. Skill RAM

              LG Blu-Ray Drive

              Corsair 750w power supply