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    Scsi boot up problem


      Hi Dear

      I have built up a system based on Intel DX38BT MB.    P.S. is Ocz 850W. cpu is Q6700.  4G ocz ddr3 ram  Two WD 500G sata H.D  . I recently have added two Seagate ( Cheatah)15,4k scsi drive with adaptec controller.

      I can not install and bootup any kind of operating system out of my scsi hard drive with my system whereas with other kind of non-scsi H.D the system is working fine.

      The system can read the scsi H.D's but does not allow boot up from them. I can use the scsi HDs as backups but not as booting device since I can not install any windows on them.


      I am 100% sure that the hard drives and the controller are fine. I have tried them on other systems and I could install different kinds of O.S  whether 32 or 64 bits,,,,no problem.

      How could I resolve this problem with my Intel M.B  so that I can utilize these scsi H.D as the main boot up by insalling a windows Os on them?

      Your answer is appreciated.