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    Acer 4050 with 2200bg needs restart after switch-on to connect to network


      G'day all -


      We have an Acer 4050 TravelMate running WXP SP3 with a 2200bg card (driver wirelessed to a D-Link DSL-G604T GenII using WPA PSX.  Windows does not manage the card - it's too unreliable.  The other machine is an OEM P4 with W2K SP4 wired from an Intel Pro/100 VE card (driver v6.4.14.0) to the router.  We have a Cisco VPN Client v5.0.02.0090 on both machines, but that is only ever started manually from the Programs menu.


      Our problem is that when we light up the Acer, we then have to re-start it before it sees any part of the LAN or the WAN.  When we start it, the Windows network icon appears briefly in the Tray, showing no network, then admits the network is there, then disappears.  While this is going on, the Intel icon is present, and sort of takes over, eventually showing that we do indeed have a connection.  The Acer is transmitting at 25%, the D-Link is transmitting at 6% -- we have found that these are more than sufficient within the house, no matter which room is hosting the Acer.


      So how can we persuade the Acer to recognise the network (let us see the desktop) without needing to stuff around?