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    Unable to Boot BIOS after attaching new Seagate FreeAgent 1TB USB drive


      I recently purchased a Seagate FreeAgent external USB harddrive and when I tried to turn on my desktop computer it would freeze during the BIOS startup after recognizing the USB mouse and legacy Keyboard.


      Here are the specs of my system


      INTEL D865PERL motherboard

      BIOS = RL86510A.86A.0089.P21.0502132202

      Intel Celeron 2.4GHz chip

      Sys Bus = 533MHz

      Sys Mem = 533MHz

      Memory = 4G


      Seagate External Harddrive


      1000 GB FreeAgent Desk drive
      PURCHASED 5/1/2010


      Model#: ST310005FDA2E1-RK
      EDA SN: 2GEXK9Z2
      PN: 9ZB2AG-572
      upc# 763649008485


      Outline of what the problem is.

      With the system turned off, I plugged the power cord of the Seagate drive into the wall.  I then plugged the USB cord into the Seagate drive and the other end into an open USB port on my desktop.  I then turned on the power button and watched the BIOS screen appear as usual.  It detects the USB mouse and then the legacy keyboard that I have attached.  Then the system freezes with this information still on the screen. I am unable to hit F2 to enter the setup screen as long as I have the SEAGATE drive attached.


      I have unplugged the SEAGATE drive and then rebooted my system and it works perfectly as it has done for years.  I believe I have installed all available drivers/software that the INTEL website has for my specific motherboard and my system is configured to work and use USB 2.0 devices.  I have two other laptops at home and have attached the SEAGATE drive to each of these laptops and have had no trouble booting with either one.  Here are the specs on both of those laptops


      HP Pavillion dv9000
      System Board 30B9
      AMD Turion 64X2 - 1600MHz processor
      Phoenix BIOS - Bios version F.3E
      Dell Inspiron 1100
      Intel Celeron 2.40GHz chip
      Phoenix Bios - BIOS Version A32
      Service Tag #:  53WS241



      Wondering if anyone has any idea of what to try next.  I have been inside the BIOS setup and have changed various settings in an attempt to see if this would correct the freezing during the boot process, but nothing seems to work.  I can provide additional specific detail if needed on BIOS settings, just let me know..  I I have been on the SEAGATE website and numerous other individuals are having similar trouble, but with the FreeAgent drive working on my two laptops, I am now focusing on the Intel Motherboard and/or driver being the main problem..


      Thanks in advance for any help or information.