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    Drivers for Intel West Branch D915GVWB & Windows 7


      Hi, everybody: (Again)


                         I have come back with a new problem. This time is with other old computer with a D915GVWB motherboard, and it drivers.   The problem is that I have jet installed Windows 7, and don't exist actually drivers for my motherboard on this platform.  I have tried, use the Windows 7 special Windows XP compatibility mode. (windows virtual PC) so I have tried in all the ways without getting possitive results.


                             Could somebody, explain me how to do it?, if It's possible of course...


      Thank you so much for your request.

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          This board has reached its EOL (end of life) and is now EOIS (end of interactive support). So there wont be any new drivers/bios etc.released for this board.


          Actually, it was never tested on Vista as well.



          However, you may try this:

          Download the XP Drivers.

          Right click on the setup.exe and select properties

          Select  the Compatibility tab

          In the compatibility mode section check  the box “Run the program in compatibility mode for:”

          Select the  following in the drop down “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)”

          At  the bottom of the properties window set the privilege level by checking  the box in front of “Run the program as an administrator”

          Click  Apply

          Click OK to exit out of the properties window

          Double  click on the setup.exe and follow the normal install/setup steps


          If you do have some unknown device in device manager, let us know the device ids, possibly they can be installed manually.


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,


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            Heyyyy, Rajiv Doolub:


            Nice to meet you again. I come back with new problems as you can see.

            I'm so glad for yor always inmediate request.


            So this time I have good news for you...

            I had resolved my problem, al least with realtek audio onboard drivers.

            Simply I was looking for them in Realtek technical support website, and I found them.  I works perfectly...

            The integrated on board sound  was my main worry because without specific drivers, Windows 7 is not able to reproduce no sounds.

            However, It's not the same with graphics reproducction. Because you could have an acceptable image quality only by using generic windows 7 graphics drivers.


            So, the solution y search, in the chipset, or onboard devices manufacturer trying to find the most correct driver for our device.


            So, Thank you so much again; for you help and attention, and for allways be there.