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    60gb x25m g2 with read/write 4k of 10-13 mb/s?! help!

      hey everyone. i did a fresh 7 install, in AHCI mode, did all the SSD tweaks, etc etc. drive is brand new.


      i get (sry no pic)


      Seq: R:251 W:104
      4K: R:13 W:12
      4K64: R:143 W:65
      Time: 0.113 / 0.185
      everything is great and i did everything listed by intel and guides, etc. why is the 4k so low? faulty drive?
      anyone had this?


      everything is AWESOME. but the 4k is damn terrible. what could be doing this?
      other than my 4k these numbers are some of the best i have seen