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    Raid controller (RS2BL080) - How to know the number of pcie lanes autonegociated?




      I currently perform some tests on a PCIE gen. 2 x8 raid controller board (RS2BL080) plugged into a x8 PCIE gen 1.1 slot of a motherboards running linux debian lenny 64

      I use 6 SSD drives with individual write speed of 180MBps.

      The write bandwidth I measure with the 6 drives assembled in a R0 array seems to saturate at 600MBps (against more than 1GBps theorically).

      This data rate seems to be near of the limitation of a PCIE x4 bandwith I measure with a custom personnal board, so I suspect that the raid controller is not well autonegociated at x8 on the pcie link


      Did you know if there is a way to retrieve the number of lanes autonegociated between the motherboard and the raid controller board?