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    Choosing the right processor...


      Hi, I'm trying to figure out what processor best fits my slightly unusual needs.  The main purpose for my new computer will be to run at least 4 very high intensity simulations simultaneously.  Each simulation runs for a few days to a couple of weeks, and runs at full cpu most of the time.  My goal is to run through them as quickly as possible, so that I can start the next set, and the next, etc....


      Question 1) Which processor should I be looking at?  i7 920? i7 860? or one of the others?


      Question 2) Would I be able to run 4 or 8 simulations on the i7?


      Question 3) This may be a silly question, but given that all my simulations use the same variable names, and would be writing to different directories on the same harddrive, would I get I/O errors using the i7 or other hyperthreaded cpus?  Or is there any chance of the cores getting mixed up between nearly idendical programs?


      Thank you for any help you can give me.