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    Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor


      Hello, I'm having some problems with this software. I already had it working on my PC but now I can't reinstall it. I downloaded it and everytime I try to install it, it is says "This instalation requires a more recente version of the Windows".

      I'm using Windows 7 and is updated and because it already worked fine, the Windows can't be the problem. I unninstall everything I could find of Intel Monitor (program files, regedit, ...).


      My processor is an i5 750.

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          I confirm Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Monitor is compliant with Windows* 7.  Just to be 100% sure, I'd suggest ensuring Intel® Turbo Boost Technology is indeed enabled in BIOS.  Otherwise, please, confirm the desktop board model and its currently running BIOS version.

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            I am having this issue myself. I am running a fresh install of Windows 7 - 64 bit and it will not let me get past the installer.

            I have it installed and am able to get it to boot off the Windows 7 - 32 bit install that is on a separate hard drive. However I woud like to get it working on the 64 bit install.

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              Works fine here for win 7 64bit.

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                (Version 1.0.400.5)


                This is what I did to get this tool installed:

                I ran the setup and again the box popped up saying "This installation requires a newer version of windows". I did not click "OK".


                I typed %TEMP% in the windows search box and hit enter, explorer opened up a window displaying the contents of the TEMP directory. I then looked inside the two most recently created folders with a name (GUID iirc). Inside one of these folders was a directory of {671EC9B2-A0F0-4035-AA48-729EDC3C59EF} inside this directory are two setup files TurboBoostSetup64.exe and TurboBoostSetup32.exe as I am running Win7 - 64 bit I ran TurboBoostSetup64.exe which installed correctly and I now have Turbo boost tech monitor working.