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    DG965OT Problem


      A few weeks ago I posted here about how I lost a great running machine to a power surge.  The DG965OT motherboard, hard drive, power supply, video card, and DVD burner were all ruined.  Since then I have replaced all the ruined parts with identical new ones and rebuilt the machine.


      I am having a problem.  I loaded WIN XP Home and all the updates from the past 3 years or so.  I installed the motherboard drivers.  I loaded Norton anti-virus.  The machine is acting very erratically.  About every 5 minutes or so it just hangs.  Control-alt-del doesn't work.  I have to shut off the power and restart.  Sometimes when I look at photos, it takes for ever to render the thumbnails.  I am tempted to just reformat the hard drive and start over.  Maybe Win XP didn't load properly.  I am also wondering if the processor is damaged.  It is a Core2Duo and I reused the one that got hit with the power surge.  Could part of the processor be damaged and occasionally malfuntioning?  I look at processors like they are go-nogo.  Maybe I'm wrong and the processor is causing the erratic behavior.


      Any advice would be welcome.  Could a BIOS setting be the cause of the problem?  Thanks for any advice.

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          Hi, i could be the CPU, but usually the either work or not.

          personally i would reinstall teh OS first, what SP is it?

          Also when you do a fresh install, make sure teh first thing you do is install the drivers in this order, chipset audio, video lan, anythiong else. Then do the windows updates, but i would suggest before doing teh updates seeing how the system is running. Also i would do the same with Norton, install it afetr the drivers, but also after youve seen how the system runs without it installed. Process of elimination and all!!"!

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            I reformatted my hard drive and followed your advice.  I got better results than before, but the system is still not right.  I get occasional screen freezes and it often won't shut down properly.  Also, it has a problem with images.  When I pick thumbnail view it just sits forever rather than rendering the thumbnails.  I am wondering if there could be something in the BIOS settings that is causing the problem.