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    Bug in G41 driver with HDMI TV


      I am running a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L motherboard with a Toshiba 32AV500U 32 inch 720P LCD TV connected via HDMI as my main display under Windows 7 64 bit.  With the latest G41 drivers (, if I power off my TV and power it back on, the computer stays at a black screen and won't redetect the TV and give me a picture back.  I uninstalled this driver which reverted me to an older one (build 1986 or 1896 I believe) and the problem went away.  I then tried installing 2104 again, problem reappeared.  Uninstalled back to old one, problem went away.  Installed the second newest driver, and this one appears to work okay.  Please advise if this is a known issue being worked on for the next release, or if not, pass this along as a bug report via appropriate channels or tell me how to.  I could not find any area to report a bug with the driver.