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    ICH10R Raid Boot Problems


      I have a System based on a Core i7 920 Processor and Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R Motherboard.  I had Windows 7 running off of the ICH10R in a RAID 1 configuration.  Somehow (possibly when I flashed my BIOS), my ICH10R got re-configured to IDE Mode.  I can boot my system with my ICH10R in IDE Mode with no problem.  When I put the ICH10R back into RAID Mode, I cannot boot.  I get a BIOS Error message that tells me that no bootable drives were found.  When I go into the BIOS RAID Configuration, it tells me that my RAID volume is OK and is Bootable.  What do I need to do in order to get my machine to boot in RAID Mode, so I can go in and fix my RAID volumes? 

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          If you updated your computer BIOS and booted having IDE mode enabled, this means that your system registry failed. I am afraid you need to reinstall your operating system and recreate your existing RAID configuration.

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            I'm getting the Boot Error Message from the BIOS, not the OS.  I'm not even getting to the point of the OS booting.  Therefore, I can't believe that my OS registry is corrupt, especially when I can boot my OS with the ICH10R in IDE mode.

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              After having the drive configuration set to RAID in the BIOS, I then  made sure my boot order was set to normal so that the CDrom would get  recognized first for installing to the first of two RAID volumes  created.  Specifically, I have the DG45ID motherboard with the latest  BIOS as of this date with the G45 chipset and ICH10R raid controller in  an HTPC get-up.  There are 4 identical Hitachi 2TB 7200rpm Deskstar SATA  drives set with a two volume RAID array.  The first volume for the  operating system I set to RAID 5 at the max I was able to set the volume  to: 2047GB (2048GB and above made the array non-bootable).  The second  volume (as it will not let you create more than two volumes in an ICH10R  raid array) I created a RAID 0 for the remaining space (scratch volume)  and it read back as being non-bootable after volume creation.  As the  others have stated, there is no option that the user interface allows to  select bootable capability or not.  It is done automatically for you  based on the size of the raid volume, be it in a single volume array or  two volume array as is the case for this ICH10R chipset.

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                Did you have to copy & paste this three times?