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    Configure the BIOS for RAID or AHCI?

      If you are using a SATA hard drive, the best option is to set your BIOS to RAID mode. RAID mode provides the greatest overall flexibility and upgradeability because it allows your system to be RAID-Ready and also enables AHCI.

      Found on http://pixel01.cps.intel.com/support/chipsets/imst/sb/cs-015988.htm


      Do you still recommend to always go  to RAID mode in BIOS even going to use SATA drivers in AHCI mode?

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          The main advantage of RAID READY is that if in the future you intend to add two or more sata drives to the system and you want them to be configure in raid mode.


          However, if you have a system where the controller is in AHCI mode, then you can never switch to raid, you will need to start all again from scratch. Like reinstalling the windows, drivers, etc.. (I have seen on different forum that there is a way to do the switchover without reinstalling an OS, but i have never tried.)


          If a system is configured in raid mode using the intel matrix controller, the same benefits that you get from ahci, will be applicable as in the raid mode.


          Now if you intend to setup the system as raid ready, make sure to install the f6 driver for windows xp. Note: Win Vista, 7/208 have this driver in its kernel, so you wont need it.


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